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A classic

Having finally gotten out of the stygian pit known as the Gillette Stadium parking lot at 2 a.m., I just now parked myself on the World's Most Famous Futon, about to hit the lights - or the shades as I see the sun coming up - but first a few thoughts from last night's game:

First, savor it, Jets fans. I spent a good portion of my drive down I-95 listening to Mark Malusis doing his overnight show on WFAN, and I was stunned at the amount of nitpicking. Not from Malusis, who seemed as surprised as I was. As the hours wore on, people started coming around a bit and by the time Chris Carlin came on, fans were mostly euphoric. For those who for some reason can't enjoy beating a team that has done nothing short of serially torment you for years, I have nothing to offer. Yes, the Jets

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