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Gregg Rosenthal: NY Jets Checklist


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Team checklist: New York Jets

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on May 18, 2011, 5:10 PM EDT

2011 AFC Championship: New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers Getty Images

We’ve written up our post-lockout to do list for the Bills and Dolphins thus far. Now let’s look at what Rex Ryan’s team needs to do when the work stoppage ends.

1. Re-sign Antonio Cromartie or find a starting cornerback.

The Jets weren’t able to address cornerback or outside linebacker in the draft. While we ranked OLB as a bigger long-term issue before the draft, the Jets need a cornerback to start right now. Last year’s first round pick Kyle Wilson hasn’t shown the ability to start yet, while Antonio Cromartie and Drew Coleman are slated to be free agents.

Few teams would benefit more from the 2010 rules being put back in place than the Jets. They could keep Cromartie and Santonio Holmes for cheap. Speaking of which . . .

2. Re-sign Santonio Holmes or Braylon Edwards, and find at least one more complementary receiver.

The Jets coaches basically said it during Hard Knocks: Holmes is a better player. (We don’t think it’s particularly close.) Still, there is a sense they will settle for Edwards at a lesser price and watch Holmes leave.

The strategy doesn’t make sense to us. Spending 25% more on Holmes will be better than overpaying Edwards, who is a No. 2 receiver that will probably get No. 1 money. With Brad Smith likely on the way out too, the Jets need at least one more veteran wide receiver behind Jerricho Cotchery that can compete to be the No.3 receiver. It’s a very thin position.

3. Bring back Brodney Pool.

We’ve read that the Jets don’t want to spend too much at safety. Perhaps they think Ryan’s system will make anyone work; Pool certainly had a fine season last year. It’s a complex scheme, though, and there won’t be a lot of time to install things so re-signing Pool to fill a gaping hole at safety makes sense.

4. Get outside linebacker help.

They have two so-so starters in Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas, but very little depth behind them.

5. Get a backup plan to Vladimir Ducasse at right tackle.

It’s great the team is so confident Ducasse can change positions after barely contributing as a rookie. With little time in camp to coach him him up, the Jets should get a veteran fallback.

6. Make some outlandish predictions.

This team is too under the radar. Rex Ryan needs to amp up the volume or the showboat Giants will get all the attention.

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1) Yes if affordable

2) Edwards for sure. Holmes I don’t care about. Don’t think with his attitude there is a chance he completes a 5 year contract with out a 1 year suspension. Use the money to resign either Woody, or Hunter

3) Yes

4) Not much in FA. Hope either Westerman, or Brown can do the job.

5) See #2

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