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The NFL’s slate of 12 nationally televised preseason games will feature the entire 2011 playoff field, one of the highlights of the 65-game 2012 NFL preseason schedule announced today.

The 2012 preseason will kick off on Sunday, August 5 (NFL Network, 8:00 PM ET) in Canton, Ohio when the Arizona Cardinals face the New Orleans Saints in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game.

The Super Bowl XLVI champion New York Giants will be showcased on national TV when the club faces the Chicago Bears on Friday, August 24 (CBS, 8:00 PM ET) at MetLife Stadium.

Following is the complete 2012 NFL preseason national TV schedule:


(All times Eastern)




Sunday, August 5

Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, Canton, OH:

Arizona vs. New Orleans

NFLN (8:00 PM)

Preseason Week 1 (August 9-13)

Thursday, August 9

Green Bay at San Diego

ESPN (8:00 PM)

Monday, August 13

Dallas at Oakland

ESPN (8:00 PM)

Preseason Week 2 (August 16-20)

Thursday, August 16

Cincinnati at Atlanta

FOX (8:00 PM)

Friday, August 17

Detroit at Baltimore

FOX (8:00 PM)

Sunday, August 19

Indianapolis at Pittsburgh

NBC (8:00 PM)

Monday, August 20

Philadelphia at New England

ESPN (8:00 PM)

Preseason Week 3 (August 23-26)

Thursday, August 23

Arizona at Tennessee

ESPN (8:00 PM)

Friday, August 24

Chicago at NY Giants

CBS (8:00 PM)

Saturday, August 25

Houston at New Orleans

CBS (8:00 PM)

Sunday, August 26

San Francisco at Denver

FOX (4:00 PM)

Sunday, August 26

Carolina at NY Jets

NBC (8:00 PM)



Arizona vs. New Orleans (NFLN)

WEEK 1 – AUGUST 9-13

Green Bay at San Diego (ESPN, 8/9)

Dallas at Oakland (ESPN, 8/13)

Arizona at Kansas City

Baltimore at Atlanta

Cleveland at Detroit

Denver at Chicago

Houston at Carolina

Minnesota at San Francisco

New Orleans at New England

NY Giants at Jacksonville

NY Jets at Cincinnati

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia

St. Louis at Indianapolis

Tampa Bay at Miami

Tennessee at Seattle

Washington at Buffalo

WEEK 2 – AUGUST 16-20

Cincinnati at Atlanta (FOX, 8/16)

Detroit at Baltimore (FOX, 8/17)

Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (NBC, 8/19)

Philadelphia at New England (ESPN, 8/20)

Buffalo at Minnesota

Cleveland at Green Bay

Dallas at San Diego

Jacksonville at New Orleans

Kansas City at St. Louis

Miami at Carolina

NY Giants at NY Jets

Oakland at Arizona

San Francisco at Houston

Seattle at Denver

Tennessee at Tampa Bay

Washington at Chicago

WEEK 3 – AUGUST 23-26

Arizona at Tennessee (ESPN, 8/23)

Chicago at NY Giants (CBS, 8/24)

Houston at New Orleans (CBS, 8/25)

San Francisco at Denver (FOX, 8/26)

Carolina at NY Jets (NBC, 8/26)

Atlanta at Miami

Detroit at Oakland

Green Bay at Cincinnati

Indianapolis at Washington

Jacksonville at Baltimore

New England at Tampa Bay

Philadelphia at Cleveland

Pittsburgh at Buffalo

San Diego at Minnesota

Seattle at Kansas City

St. Louis at Dallas

WEEK 4 – AUGUST 29-30

Atlanta at Jacksonville

Baltimore at St. Louis

Buffalo at Detroit

Carolina at Pittsburgh

Chicago at Cleveland

Cincinnati at Indianapolis

Denver at Arizona

Kansas City at Green Bay

Miami at Dallas

Minnesota at Houston

New England at NY Giants

New Orleans at Tennessee

NY Jets at Philadelphia

Oakland at Seattle

San Diego at San Francisco

Tampa Bay at Washington



Buffalo Miami New England NY Jets

Washington Tampa Bay New Orleans at Cincinnati

at Minnesota at Carolina Philadelphia (ESPN) NY Giants

Pittsburgh Atlanta at Tampa Bay Carolina (NBC)

at Detroit at Dallas at NY Giants at Philadelphia

Baltimore Cincinnati Cleveland Pittsburgh

at Atlanta NY Jets at Detroit at Philadelphia

Detroit (FOX) at Atlanta (FOX) at Green Bay Indianapolis (NBC)

Jacksonville Green Bay Philadelphia at Buffalo

at St. Louis at Indianapolis Chicago Carolina

Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Tennessee

at Carolina St. Louis NY Giants at Seattle

San Francisco at Pittsburgh (NBC) at New Orleans at Tampa Bay

at New Orleans (CBS) at Washington at Baltimore Arizona (ESPN)

Minnesota Cincinnati Atlanta New Orleans

Denver Kansas City Oakland San Diego

at Chicago Arizona Dallas (ESPN) Green Bay (ESPN)

Seattle at St. Louis at Arizona Dallas

San Francisco (FOX) Seattle Detroit at Minnesota

at Arizona at Green Bay at Seattle at San Francisco


Dallas NY Giants Philadelphia Washington

at Oakland (ESPN) at Jacksonville Pittsburgh at Buffalo

at San Diego at NY Jets at New England (ESPN) at Chicago

St. Louis Chicago (CBS) at Cleveland Indianapolis

Miami New England NY Jets Tampa Bay

Chicago Detroit Green Bay Minnesota

Denver Cleveland at San Diego (ESPN) at San Francisco

Washington at Baltimore (FOX) Cleveland Buffalo

at NY Giants (CBS) at Oakland at Cincinnati San Diego

at Cleveland Buffalo Kansas City at Houston

Atlanta Carolina New Orleans Tampa Bay

Baltimore Houston vs. Arizona* (NFLN) at Miami

Cincinnati (FOX) Miami at New England Tennessee

at Miami at NY Jets (NBC) Jacksonville New England

at Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Houston (CBS) at Washington

at Tennessee

Arizona St. Louis San Francisco Seattle

vs. New Orleans* (NFLN) at Indianapolis Minnesota Tennessee

at Kansas City Kansas City at Houston at Denver

Oakland at Dallas at Denver (FOX) at Kansas City

at Tennessee (ESPN) Baltimore San Diego Oakland


*Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, Canton, OH

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