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[Sign-Ups] Throne of Dust


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The Throne of Dust

The kingdom of Araidian, on the continent of Kallas is often referred to as the Throne of Dust, along with whichever man or women who leads it. Not for the economy or the resources of the kingdom, for it was the continents best, an over abundance of farm land that could seem to grow anything, and some of the worlds most beautiful architecture and stunning craftsmen. No it was called the a Throne of Dust, because one could not hope to keep it held for long and with that certainty the king or queen had little power or influence. However things seed to be different this time at least on the surface. The king of Araidian has died without a living heir so a war of succession is brewing. Asher Callow, first of his name, and high seat of the neighboring kingdom had sent spies to pitch the kingdom in upheaval so he could add it as a jewel to his crown. Intending to pose as nobles removed from court from the Araidian countryside they descend on the capital to win a second kingdom for their beloved king.

This game is gunna be straight forward. Town vs mafia. I can promise no cult but that's it. Is their SK, jester, survivor possibly but I'm not clarifying.

Since this is a war of succession, their will be intrigue and a few unique mechanics. However you'll be privy to rah as the game goes.

I need 15 players

Bring your a game you'll need it
















This will be a series if it goes over well where your actions directly affect the next game set up

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