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Dan Quinn will be next head coach.

Tony The Wiz

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     Obviously Nitwit Idzik will be given a chance with his head coach to coach the Jets. Quinn who is a New Jersey guy will get that chance since he coached for Idzik at Seattle. His first decision coming in is to find yourself a legitimate starting N.F.L. QB. The Jets and Idzik has to realize Smith is terrible like I had said from day 1 watching him in college. We all knew that Geno was Idzik's  guy and draft choice and he failed on this pick miserably. Quinn is a defensive guy and they need to bring in a better offensive coordinator. The Jets failed us fans by bringing in Michael Vick not as a player but as the same way they brought in Garrard. He was here only as a mentor and show and  advise Geno in Marty's offense. The Jets never had an intention to have any competition at QB just like last year. The press conjured this up and we saw Vick's reaction. He was not the answer and the Jets failed terribly and owe every fan an apology. This is on Woody and he bet to get his act together or their will me massive defections in the fan base. What a disaster this organization became.      

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