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Injury Updates Today 12/05/19


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Opening statement...

Jamal (Adams), still out with the ankle, (Maurice) Canady with the illness, Chuma (Edoga) with the knee, (Matthias) Farley with the rib, Arthur (Maulet) with the calf. (Steve) McLendon might be out, he might try to go today, he might be limited, we will see how that plays out. Brian (Poole) is still in the concussion protocol and Le'Veon (Bell) will not practice today because he is sick. Henry (Anderson), (Kelvin) Beachum, Ryan Griffin, Alex (Lewis), Demaryius (Thomas) and (Paul) Worrilow will all be limited today. 


On Bell's illness…

I didn't ask too many questions. 


On if there is an illness going around the building...

Yeah, they haven't said that to me yet. I feel like each guy it has been something different, it hasn't been the same thing. It hasn't been like the flu or anything. 


On Steve McLendon's injury...

I am not sure what (his participation in practice will be). He is going to see how he feels and if he can practice, he is going to go. 


On if Bell's illness is a one-day thing...

I don't know, I will have more information as the day goes on. Those guys evaluated him this morning and they said he wasn't going to go so I will get more information during practice. 

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