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The minor leagues are important to baseball. It is needed to develop young players, especially pitchers who would be eaten alive in the bigs. I am wondering how they can do the Arizona thing without the minors playing. They thrive on ticket and concession sales and most teams are not cash cows. TV and radio revenues are minimal if at all. You have to wonder how many can survive not playing this year. 

What happens the next few months will obviously change things for our lifetimes. MiLB will probably be among them.

As of now, you can buy tickets for the Hudson Valley Renegades home opener on June 24 (or so). No way are they going to make that. Is the cancellation of the entire NY-P league season possible? probable?. If so do they survive into 2021? The League was already in MLB's contraction plan.

I'm going to be sad if I never again can just decide on a whim on some nice summer night to head over the BMB and up 9D to pay the price of a movie and relax at a ballgame.  


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