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It IS Time to Overreact!


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And now all of the reasonable and rationale fans come out of the woodwork to call out the 'over reactors'.  If yesterday's game wasn't reason enough to 'overreact' then running out of bounds to voluntarily take a 5 yard sack was!  Or completely losing sight of the clock AFTER A TV TIMEOUT for a penalty certainly was!  

It IS time to overreact.  It is a time to be fed up with Gase.  There is absolutely no excuse for yesterday's sh*tshow.  It is time to be fed up with STILL seeing free agents stinking up the field!  Desir, McGovern, Van Roten, Perriman ALL STUNK.  Rookies can't get out of the trainers rooms and onto the field!  It's time to complain.  LOUDLY!

I watched a lot of football yesterday.  And funnily enough, none of them had a the luxury of a real training camp, pre-season games, et al.  Some of them were breaking in new players and new coaches (i.e., Washington, Bengals) and yet I didn't see any team as unprepared and talent-less as the Jets.

Stop overreacting to overreacting.  It's time to demand more.

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