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NFL Trade Value Rankings

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Thought this was a cool exercise. NFL is so much harder to rank than the NBA given positional value, shorter careers/peaks, and contracts. Any list is going to be subject to intense debate and with the exception of the top top guys I think you could move almost anyone on this list up/down 10-20 spots and be justified. 

Removing the actual rankings from this list I think Jets fans can be happy about the following: 

Sauce Gardner came in at 13. Eight QBs rank ahead of him so Sauce is viewed as a top 5 non QB trade asset and is only ranked behind JJ and Chase on offense and Parsons/Myles Garret on defense. 

Quinnen is ranked 18th. 6th on defense behind the three mentioned above plus Bosa and Surtain. He is the highest rated IDL. 

Garrett Wilson is 27th on the list. Only Devonta Smith, Chase, and Jefferson have higher WR rankings. 

AVT is ranked 65th - I may have missed something but he is the only IOL on the list. They list him as an OT and in the write up they say his versatility is what adds a lot of value. 

Four players on the list and all of them are 25 or younger. For reference the Bills have two (Diggs and Allen, with Rousseau earning an honorable mention), Dolphins have three (Jaelan Phillips, Waddle, Hill - with Tua and Holland as honorable mention), and the Pats have none but Mac is an honorable mention. 


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It's scary.  The high-end youth on this team is something we haven't been used to.  I often think back to right before JD's first draft in 2020.  All we had in the cupboard was Quinnen who some were already calling a bust(insane...), a disappointing Darnold on his way to becoming a bust, and a star safety in Adams who was on his way out.  Once he was gone, that was it:  Quinnen and Darnold, neither of which were stars but both had potential.  Fast forward 3 years and you have Quinnen who is a top-3 DT, Sauce in year 2 who is arguably already the best CB in the game, Garrett in year 2 who looks poised to cement himself as one of the elites this year.  AVT in year 3 who is a core piece on the OL, and a guy who looks like he'll be a perennial Pro Bowler.  Oh yeah, and Breece who was well on his way to being OROY and potentially one of the best RBs in the league last year before his injury.

Add in a guy like JJ who looks on the cusp of entering that category, and Becton who is a stud when on the field - his only question has been health and he looks to have worked his ass off on answering those questions this year.  Not even including guys like McDonald and Adams who could be on this list by this time next year.

These guys are all studs, and they're all young.  This is why I was happy to pursue Rodgers, even at the steep cost.  The amount of young talent on this team is incredible.  They just needed someone to come in and not just elevate the most important position on the field, but to show these guys how to win and how to conduct themselves as winners.  It was just the perfect time for a move like this, and JD's recent success in the draft bought him some wiggle room with dealing high picks.  This team is something special, on paper at least, and unlike any Jets team I've seen in my lifetime.  

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