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Back Where We Started In September 2022


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The Jets are back where they started in 2022

1. No QB

2. Bad Offensive Line

3. No Plan Or Vision From The OC To Work Successfully With What They Have.

My suggestions:

1.  Brown must be benched.

2. Put Becton at LT

3. Put AVT and RT

4. Keep McGovern at center

5. Keep Tomlinson at RG

6.  Put Tippman or Schweitser at LG. 

**** Offensive Scheme

Option 1. If JD insists on beating the dead Zach Wilson horse, they must change the offensive scheme.  Wilson is not a pocket passer.  He will not work out well with the system Hacktett and Rodgers had planned on running.   They must switch to a run heavy offense that uses a lot of motion and an aggressive man blocking scheme.  Move the pocket and let Wilson roll and run.  He's a college sprint out QB and not an NFL pocket passer.  Let him do what comes natural.  Add more designed QB runs.  Take advantage of play action. 

I cant see Hackett or any of the other members of the CS figuring this out, but it would be the best way to roll with Zach Wilson.

Option 2:  Sit Wilson and bring in another QB that can run a pro offense.  

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