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The Jets Weathered the Storm, so the NFL Referees Torpedoed them anyway

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Yeah, last night Zach Wilson played the best game of his career. He looked good, he played at a high level against a great team in a super-charged atmosphere, and he did it in the face of angry a-holes like me. He outplayed Patrick Mahomes by a wide margin last night. Mahomes was the guy that threw 3 picks last night. Yeah, 3 of them. 


But the NFL Referees decided the defending Superbowl Champions just needed help to make things right in the NFL world... so they STOLE the game for them.


I have watched the Jets get screwed for years, against the Patriots most notably, but the "No Call on this play was egregious and pathetic:

Just click on it... its the worst, most blatant no call I have ever seen in 5 decades of watching Football. 


And then, to top it off, they throw a hankey on the most BS PI call I have ever seen against Sauce Gardner, eliminating Mahomes THIRD Pick. They did the same sh*t against the Jets vs Dallas to a lesser extent, but last night was theft.


It was RIGGED.


And the NFL has become as bad as WWE.


And last night, Zach Wilson won so much respect from me and probably many others, that its a Goddamn SHAME that they stole that game from Him, the Jets, and us. 


Good on ya, Zach. Now do it again, kid. 



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