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Strangest game ever


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So the Jets won. I am in my car, waiting for the angry wet Giants fans to leave, but here I am posting after the strangest game ever.

So, from what I understand, the Jets were playing with their 3rd string center. The Giants playing  with their 3rd QB who obviously doesn’t know how to throw the ball. 

We made the worst timed penalties and Zach played awful. The Giants figured out that all they need to do is run the ball and not fumble and they would win. And they should have, if Dabol just went for it on 4th and 1. Instead he decides to kick a field goal and misses it. 

On top of that, the Jets then have 24 seconds to get into field goal territory. Somehow they do. 

And tell me this, if you win the coin toss in OT, why do you take the ball when you have a QB that can’t throw? You need a TD to win? You can’t score one. 

In the end

The Jets QB was terrible as it’s obvious he cannot play in bad weather. And maybe not any weather. But somehow made 4 plays at the end of the game including a scramble 1st down that is enough for him to make it through next week. 

The Jets defense was great but had terrible penalties 

The Jets running game was terrible, probably because the Giants knew what we were gonna do 

Garrett Wilson is a star 

Thomas Morstead is the best punter in the world 

The Giants defense is very good

The Giants have Barkley and no one else on offense

Both coaches had ridiculously bad games. 

No way we should have won that game. No ******* way. But we did. 

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