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Zach Wilson - Every Throw vs Raiders (Week 10)

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- Drive 1 ends with intentional grounding (settle for FG)
- Drive 2 ends with a Uzomah hold (settle for FG)
- Drive 3 ends after Zach steps out on 3, Uzomah negates following Breece TD (settle for FG)
- Drive 4 ends on 3 and out after 3 runs (Rodgers shakes head at play call before snap)
- Drive 5 Lazard slows up on route on 3rd down - Jets punt and Raiders score before half after Huff penalty
- Drive 6 coming out after half, MC chop block kills drive
- Drive 7 False start on Tippmann kills drive
- Drive 8 Becton gives up sack, Becton jumps on fumble
- Drive 9 Garrett Wilson misses Lazard for wide open TD. (why is he throwing with hurt arm? settle for FG)
- Drive 10 Jets got ball back after Raiders fumble in FG range
- Drive 11 Zach throws RedZone INT
- Drive 12 Zach throws Hail Mary, Conklin puts hand up to prevent Garrett Wilson miracle catch
My analysis: Zach played well enough to win but offense continues to have miscues that he is unable to overcome. This game is on the coaching staff IMO.
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