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Week III Start/Sit

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I'm not sure how early GOB gets up, so I'll just post this so it will be there in the morning. Note: This is the first time you'll see start/sit without Max's edits!


START QB Brett Favre, Green Bay - When Favre erupted for 340 yards and 3 TDs last week, chances are he was on your bench. This week, Favre faces a Lions team that gave up four scoring tosses to the immortal Rex Grossman last week. Old Man River is still a viable fantasy option, especially in completitions leagues. He put the ball in the air 55 times last week. Don't expect a repeat showing unless the Lions jump out to a big early lead, but Favre should still have a solid fantasy day.

START QB Daunte Culpepper, Miami - You drafted him to be your starter, right? After two terrible games, you probably regret the decision to bring Culpepper onto your team about as much as Nick Saban does. However, this week, Daunte will look like he's back in purple and back with Randy Moss and Cris Carter against the Titans, who are in a furious race with the Raiders for the #1 overall pick. Thus far, their defense has made Chad Pennington look like Joe Montana and Phillip Rivers look like Drew Brees. Surely, they can make Culpepper look like something other than an over-rated, less talented version of Donovan McNabb.

SIT QB Peyton Manning, Indianapolis - That is not a misprint. If you have a solid backup, sit Peyton Manning. Manning threw for 324 yards and a pair of scores the last time the two teams met, but in week three of last season, the Jags held Peyton to 122 yards and an interception. The Jaguars defense is even better than it was last year and Manning has no run game to fall back on. That leads one to believe that Manning's stats this week will more closely resemble the worst game of his career last season, moreso than the 320 yard, two TD performance.

SIT QB Jake Delhomme, Carolina - Without Steve Smith, Delhomme is waiver wire fodder.

START HB Jamal Lewis, Baltimore - Jamal Lewis loves a few things. He loves running over people. He loves the song "Rocky Top". He loves cocaine. But, most of all, he loves facing the Cleveland Browns.

START HB Deuce McAllister, New Orleans - RB A has 192 yards, rushing and receiving while averaging and Derrick Blaylock-like 3.3 ypc with no TDs. RB B has 161 yards, rushing + receiving, with a 4.0 ypc to go along with 2 TDs. So, why the hell are you starting RB A? Let's wait til St. Bush scores an NFL touchdown before we proclaim him a better fantasy option than his backfield counterpart.

START HB Carnell Williams, Tampa Bay - The Cadillac has yet to leave the garage, but he should this week against an over-rated Carolina defense that has given up back-to-back 100-yard games to Warrick Dunn and CHESTER TAYLOR.

SIT HB Kevin Jones, Detroit - Jones should do solid against the Packers. So, why sit him? Because, Kevin Jones never does what he SHOULD do. You should try and trade this waste of a pick ASAP.

SIT HB Rueben Droughns, Cleveland - Rueben is right in the running with Lamont Jordan and Randy Moss as the biggest fantasy busts of the year so far. Things won't get any better for the bowling ball with butcher knives this week against the Ravens. He could sneak in a TD to make up for an incredibly mediocre game like he did last week, but that would require Charlie "Bollywood II" Frye leading the team into the red zone.

SIT HB Thomas Jones, Chicago - In two games against underwhelming defenses, Jones has rushed for just 127 yards on 42 carries. Sure hope you Jones owners handcuffed Benson, because Julius' brother could be out of a job if he doesn't pick it up soon.

START WR Drew Bennett, Tennessee - Not a paticularly good matchup this week, but when is there ever a "good" matchup whenever you have Vince Young and Kerry Collins throwing to you? The bottom line is that Bennett is the only Titan worthy of even having a roster spot on your fantasy team. Start him every week because he is basically all they have.

START WR Reggie Williams, Jacksonville - I thought Williams was going to be a beast after his career at Washington. In his first two years, it looked like he was in Rashaun Woods territory. However, Williams has come alive in his third season, catching 14 passes in the 1st two games. The Colts' secondary is soft, which should lead to a decent afternoon for Williams and Matt Jones.

START WR Santana Moss, Washington - Even with Mark Brunnel throwing him the ball, I have a hard time believing Moss won't have a great day against Houston's sub-par secondary. There is no reason Jason Campbell shouldn't be starting this game.

SIT Other Redskins WRs- Randle-El and Lloyd look like busts thus far. Mark Brunnel is just too terrible to depend on more than one Skins wideout. Start Portis, Moss, and Cooley and toss your other Redskins to the scrap heap.

SIT WR Nate Burleson, Seattle - My friend drafted Nasty Nate as his #3 receiver. Ironically, that is now exactly what he is on Seattle's depth chart. He's worth hanging onto because of Darrell Jackson's miraculous ability to morph into a giant vagina, but keep Burleson tucked away on your bench if you can't move Nate in a trade.

SIT WR Joe Horn, New Orleans - The aging Horn is still a solid #3 fantasy-wise, but not this week when he gets locked down by DeAngelo Hall.

That's all for this week. Yankees suck.

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