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The End is Near for Culpepper


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Greg Bedard of the Palm Beach Post reports that Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper has been escorted off of the practice field during a team minicamp by Stu Weinstein, the team's security chief. (We once hung out with Stu.)

Culpepper has been working out on the side. His sudden departure, with an escort, suggests that he either has been released or traded.

The other possibility is that the team has decided not to risk exposing Culpepper to injury, since if Culpepper were to suffer a serious injury the team would be on the hook for his full $5.5 million salary. Last year, the Titans locked quarterback Steve McNair out of the facility for that very reason.

Weeks later, McNair won a grievance regarding the matter. But, in the interim, the Titans didn't have to worry about Steve popping an Achilles' tendon. So it was in hindsight a smart move.

Stay tuned. Meanwhile, we encourage Dolphins fans (and non-Dolphins fans looking for an insomnia cure) to check out Bedard's live blog of the minicamp practice.

(Alex Marvez of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel is on the scene, too. We point that out to avoid be accused of playing favorites.)

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