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Trading Sean Ryan vs. Trading Barrett


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I know I made this point already, merge it if you want, Max, but I had to

Sean Ryan

1. He's a 2nd string TE. Many sets call for him and Baker on the fiels especially with the weak line we already have and the fact that you must believe that Chad will be setting up screens to Leon and Tutt all day.

2. We all really like him. He's very good and productive,one of the stand-outs on ST's.

3. Nobody around the league knows of him, so we will get crap for him.What's the best we get for him?A fourth or fifth in 7 years.

4. Losing Ryan would be one of those "disappointments" we talked of.


David Barrett

1.. He's on the fence between 3rd and 4th string, I see no difference between him and J Miller on the field in the dime. In fact, I believe more of us cringe when he's in, then Miller or Poteat or D.Coleman.

2. None of us like him, he is arguably the fifth best CB on the team YET,(here's the beauty) according to team's FO's, he's a STARTER. So we are trading a guy for Starter value in return, who is the 4th or 5th best CB on your team.

3. We have a very good back up on one side in Miller and one on the other in Poteat.

Plus, we have Eric Smith still out there, better than Barrett in the secondary.

4. We get to keep Dyson, because when we start the year with Bender in between our two studs(who one day might be JUST THAT GOOD that we can throw my aunt in between them, but not now)

If we don't get this Barrett-level OG now(we ain't getting s--- for Ryan) we may have to part with Mr. Dyson.

TRADE BARRETT NOW!!!! WE Don't need him. We hate him. He probably carries the most trade value for the most hated player that we are the most loaded at and is the most expendable I can EVER remember.

Let's review that idiot lancemehl's mantras right before the season:

1. The one above

2. Chad would be a HOF candidate if not for injury a la Mattingly. Nobody can give me a stat line comparaable to Chad's 2002(The Real Chad before he tore up his working tool.)

He one of the greatest ever at one of the most important stats a QB can have,keeping drives alive. Clemens will get his shot after Chad has his MVP type season this year and next year, if he wants or else good-bye. I want to get these two, fully healed, still young winning years out of this Natural Born Winner (ask a Marshall fan, there's a few around,if he's a winner.)

ASK the great GENIUS, Mangini if he's a winner, he named Chad the starter before the whisltle blew last year in the Pats game,he's a genius, right? Why did he name Chad the starter so quickly? He's a genius,right? So,as a genius, he must know something...........right. No, "We're gonna take a look at Clemens and....blah blah"

He didn't even take the fifth! He said, point blank, "Chad's the starter!" I think it was halftime, wasn't it(lol) like:

Sideline chick: "So, coach, they seem to be control the lin of scrimmage, how do you plan to adjust second half"

Mangini: "Chad's our starter next year."

Sideline chick: "Thanks, coach, Good Luck,second half." lol

Man-genius they call him, except for QB, where he knows nothing.Right?

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