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So Boozer 76....


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Hey Jim,

Sorry man, nothing right now. The CD release will get pushed back, partly to do with what happened to me and partly to do with my step brother's baby being due in January. The CD is done, we are just holding back the release until next year. As for me, I gotta admit it's kind of hard for me to pick up a guitar right now. I found a forum like this one that my dad always posted on for college football. I went through his posts and found one where he was raving about me since he only recently heard me sing. He never knew I could sing (nor did I for that matter lol) until the end of June. It's hard for me to even begin to play a guitar and sing without getting emotional.

BTW, I did get your PM you sent me. I'm sorry I never responded, I actually got a bunch of them from alot of people. It's honestly just been a really rough time for me.

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