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Were Our Mods In Arizona Yesterday????

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2 Men Fight On Highway During Rush Hour

2 Men Arrested After Fight

POSTED: 6:56 am CST November 14, 2007

UPDATED: 8:42 am CST November 14, 2007

PHOENIX -- Two men fighting in the middle of rush-hour traffic on Interstate 17 in Arizona had motorists slamming on their brakes in disbelief as fists flew and tempers flared, Department of Public Safety officers said.

video.gifCars Try To Avoid 2 Fighting Men

An Arizona Department of Transportation traffic camera caught the men exchanging blows on the interstate between the Peoria and Dunlap exits as one vehicle after another narrowly missed hitting the men, KPHO in Phoenix reported.

The Black Canyon Highway is one of Phoenix's busiest interstates. One of the men purposely tried to throw himself in front of the traffic flow in an apparent suicide attempt, according to DPS officers.

The other man was seen trying to tackle him to the ground in an attempt to save his life. Some drivers got out of their cars and yelled at them. Neither man was hit by any of the vehicles, officers said.

The men got into a fight at a nearby mall and one of them, carrying a knife, threatened to commit suicide, according to DPS officers. He rushed across the traffic late Tuesday afternoon while the other man was trying to subdue him, officers said. "They're very lucky," said Jacob Pruet of DPS. "Like you saw on camera, there were a lot of cars on the freeway. It's rush-hour traffic."

Pruet said it's not the first time he has seen fighting on the interstate."And unfortunately those times ended in fatalities," Pruet said. "So today, everything came out OK."The men were arrested in a restaurant parking lot a short distance away.

It is being reported as a lover's quarrel.

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