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Operation Prank Kaysar


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Kaysar Is now hosting a big brother talk show on friday afternoon 3 est

We the jets fans are going to call him

so call in make up a question (example how would you play the game this year kaysar)to get past the screeners

and once you get on just be like

jets insider woooooo

it is an all around fun thing

i got the idea from dr will kirby who is doing this

There is a tremendous amount of variability in Big Brother fans. They come from all walks of life. Different creeds, ages, nationalities, religions, even sexual orientations but I think the one thing that everyone agrees on is that 'House Calls' is terrible. It just is. Every single year internet posters complain about how boring it is yet no one takes the necessary steps to improve it...

I've given this some very serious thought and I think it's time to give back to the Big Brother community...

Let's band together and make a horrible, predictable internet show a whole lot more fun!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thrilled to announce the 2008 "Let's Prank House Calls" contest!

Here's how it works: Each episode of House Calls you simple call in, pretend to have an important point/comment/question so you can make it through the screening process, and then find a way to incorporate the words "Chill" and "Town" in to the conversation. It's that simple!

At the end of the summer, you'll have an opportunity to vote for the best prank call on House Calls this season and the winner will be given a prize package of Kirby Dermaceutical products (I'll add other gifts to this package along the way and I'll ask Boogie to toss in some gift certificates too!)

Strong consideration will be given to calls that clearly annoy the host or co-host of the show (duh).

Best of luck to you all with your prank calls!


P.S. Yes, feel free to post this everywhere.

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3 est friday

the number to call 323 cbs 1000

call at like 2:50 you will get in

Another BB thread?

I've defended you most of the time 128, but even I have a limit to my patience. I guess you want to be banned.

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