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Article from Ct on Mangini


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Different Approach For Mangini

By DESMOND CONNER | Courant Staff Writer August 2, 2008 Two recent examples suggest Hartford native Eric Mangini is going to be different than in his first two seasons as Jets coach.

First, earlier this summer he gave the New York media an insiders' look at a particular defense, its terminology and situations where it might be used.

Knowing Mangini, he was hardly turning over the keys to the vault, but it wasn't a hurried session. It lasted three hours.

"It was very interesting and informative, and the big thing is that it was Eric's idea," said Dave Hutchinson, the Jets beat writer for the Newark Star-Ledger. "He really wanted to educate us on what they're trying to do defensively."

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The relationship between Mangini and the media was strained, at best, in the beginning because the 37-year-old coach was so tight-lipped.

"He is really reaching out to us, trying to have a better rapport with us, because the thing is, he is a very, very nice guy," Hutchinson said. "I would never say otherwise. It's just that with him coming up in the [bill] Belichick system, they had a certain way of doing things

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