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What it's going to take


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Well, the Yankee offense is still fine IMO but if they want to make a run they're going to have to get Chacon to continue pitching the way he has this season. It would be nice if he would have a better BB/K ratio but in all honestly as long as he keeps that ERA around 3.00 or even 4.00, the Yankees will have a shot to win most of his starts.

RJ needs to be more consistent. He looked unhittable in his two starts prior to getting roughed up the other day. Hell, I'd even take 2 out of 3 good starts the rest of the way from him.

As much as I hate to say it, Jaret Wright is going to be a key. I wasn't crazy about getting him in the first place and he was a nightmare when he was healthy. IF the guy ever comes off the DL he's gotta be solid. Not great, but solid.

Pavano? The Yankees should have spent that money on Matt Clement or Odalis Perez. Getting a guy with one great year in one of the worst hitting divisions in baseball was not a great move. I gave the Yankees the benefit of the doubt and hoped they knew something we didn't but it appears he's a 14-10 type of pitcher.

Scott Proctor looked excellent last night from the couple of innings I saw him throw with the exception of the one fat pitch to one of the hottest hitters in baseball right now (Victor Martinez) Proctor definitely has good stuff, just needs to harness it and cut down on the walks.

These are just a few things to throw out there for the sake of discussion but in short, they've got to get Wright healthy and pitching well and same goes for Pavano.

I think whats so frustrating is that they dont need great lights out pitching right now. Just some quality starts will do, but they're not getting it on a regular enough basis.

Keep the faith =D>=D>

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