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Santana Moss?


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Dougie Howser MD...Show me your roster.

Here it is, auto drafted. This is my first year trying this so I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Any help is appreciated. Thinking of getting at least 1 Jet.


Marc Bulger, Carson Palmer (Happy with these guys)


Corey Dillon, Travis Henry, Lee Suggs (thinking of toasting Henry and Suggs)


Terrell Owens, Michael Clayton, Santana Moss (Moss is on the bubble)


Alge Crumpler, Marcus Pollard (Ok with these)


David Akers, John Hall (OK here too)


Eagles, Browns (Not sure how much impact new HC will have on Browns D, but I don't expect to start them much)



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Considering there are only 3 RBs and 3 WRs on a team, you are hurting after your #1s. Your #2 RB and WR suck for only having 3 per team. Your starting kicker and TE are very good. I'd drop CLE Defense and try to either pick up another D or take another player and go with only one D until the BYE week.

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