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int talk should calm down


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Brett is the all time leader, only guy with 300, blah blah blah

this year he leads with 12- 1st place

Big ben has 11-1st place

Cutler has 11- 1st place

Delhomme has 9- ist place

Frerotte- tied for first (lose the head to head0, but also didn't start til week 3 after 0-2 start so he's 5-2 with 11 picks

also notable are Payton with 9 and Brees with 10

There are seven of your top eight INT leaders, the guy not mentioned is O'Sullivan from SF, for obvious reasons.

I would take anyone of those seven on my team in the blink of an eye. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.........of course we could bring back the "no shotgun" offense. That was fun to watch.

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