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Our Defense....Raing our players


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DE Shaun Ellis Longest tenured vet. On downside of career. backup at this point. Not a keeper

DE Kenyon Coleman Overpaid vet. In his prime, but his prime is marginal starter at best. Keeper

NT Kris Jenkins Al pro Past few games has loooked crappy along with the rest of the team Keeper

LB Brian Thomas Had one good season. Has always underperformed. Not a keeper

LB Calvin Pace Solid all around game. Think he could be better if the coaching unleashed the reigns. Keeper

LB David Harris Still young enough. Has really regressed this season. Will give benefit of the doubt. keeper

LB Eric Barton I have been a Barton supporter for years now. Well those years are over. this guy is cooked. Dump this guy

CB Ty Law HOF'er in my book.. Came here to help the defense. Has been pretty damn good since he has been here. Keeper

CB D. Revis Our only stud defensive player. Keeper

S Abram Elam This kid is really coming around. Love his tenacity. Marginal starter. Keeper

S Hollywood Rhodes He can eat a bag of d1cks as far as I'm concerned. So tired of his act. We're stuck with this chump. Keeper

All in all our defense sucks.....need some playmakers and depth

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TY Law has not been within 10 yards of anyone he has allegedly been covering in the past two games. He does look good dragging them down from behind after 20 yard gains though (when he can catch them). Surely he will be gone the day after the season ends.

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