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AFC Playoff Race: Week 16


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This projection model provides the expected win totals of the AFC Playoff contenders if each of the contenders beat the poor teams on their schedule and split their games against other contending teams.

Here are the expected records for the rest of the AFC teams in contention.

TEAM.....Current Record.....Schedule.....Expected Wins (EW's)....Competive Games (CG's).....Expected Record

1) Titans: 13-2; @Ind; 0 EW's; 1 CG's; Exp.Record = 13.5 - 2.5

2) Steelers: 11-4; ,Cle; 1 EW; 0 CG's; Exp.Record = 12-4

3) Patriots: 10-5; @Buf; 1 EW's; 0 CG's; Exp.Record = 11

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