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Sanchez Gung-ho for Minicamp


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Sanchez gung-ho for minicamp

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Last Updated: 7:03 AM, June 10, 2010

Posted: 2:27 AM, June 10, 2010

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Since the moment he started rehabilitating from left knee surgery in February, Mark Sanchez has had the look and attitude of a dog with his nose pressed up against the window, anxious to be allowed outside to run and play.

After months of dedicated, thorough and aggressive rehab, it looks as if the Jets quarterback is ready to be let off the leash.

With Sanchez having worked in 11-on-11 team drills in Tuesday's organized team activity (OTA) for the first time this offseason, it looks as if he will realize the goal he set for himself months ago of being able to participate fully in 11-on-11s during next week's three-day minicamp.

This is a huge step for Sanchez, who desperately wants to work on his chemistry with new receiver Santonio Holmes as well as Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller.

Quarterbacks can get only so much true simulated game-experience work while throwing to his receivers in 7-on-7 drills, during which there is no pass rush.

Sanchez, who had the patella-stabilizing ligament in his left knee repaired in the elective surgery, is expected to work with no significant restrictions when the team convenes on Monday for its three-day minicamp.

It's expected Sanchez also will work fully in today's final OTA of the offseason, which is open to reporters.

"If things keep going the way they are, if they progress the way they are now, I'm confident I'll be ready to go," Sanchez said last week of the three-day minicamp. "It's ultimately going to be up to the training staff and Rex [Ryan]. I feel good about it. I'm confident. Every day, it's feeling better and that's been key."

The significance of the 11-on-11s is that, although there is no tackling of the quarterback, there is a pass rush and that will force Sanchez to have to be more active in the pocket than he is in 7-on-7s, where he only drops straight back and passes.

Sanchez will be forced to do more cutting and maneuvering around in the pocket in 11-on-11s.

Last week he called being limited in the OTA practices "frustrating," adding, "Doing the drills on the side, going through 7-on-7s and then having to watch special categories, having to watch [11-on-11s], having to watch them move the ball, stuff that I love doing and the reps that I like getting and the reps that I need.

"I'm champing at the bit now to do it. As soon as they come, I need to make the most of the ones I get and, hopefully, all of them in minicamp and then watch that film and get ready for [training] camp."


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Getting drafted by this Jets team was like winning the lottery for a QB. Great WRs, great O-line, great running backs, good defense so you don't have play from behind, good special teams, good head coach and GM and the owner isn't insane. If Sanchez wasn't gung ho they would have to have his head checked. Guy went from USC to the USC of the NFL.

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