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The Fake Punt

Scott Dierking

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Was a call made by Chung.

Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko revealed that SS Patrick Chung made the call to go for a fake punt late in the second quarter.

Chung presumably has the green light from coach Bill Belichick to option into the fake. The call was fine but the execution was off, as Chung failed to field the snap cleanly. Newsday's Tom Rock created a minor stir with the sarcastically challenged crowd when he jokingly tweeted that "former Patriot" Chung was the responsible party. "We just made a bad mistake," Belichick said when asked about the pivotal play after the game.

Jets WR/KR Brad Smith (groin) said he wanted to play in Sunday's win over the Patriots, but coach Rex Ryan told him to wait a week.

This hints that Smith will be fine for Wildcat plays and kickoff returns in the AFC Championship Game. Even if he isn't, Antonio Cromartie has proven to be an asset on kick returns. The corner averaged 25.8 yards per return yesterday.

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