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Ryan is the Shogun...


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Ninjas for hire...The fact that B.O. and Ochostinko want in make it ever more apparent... This could be a could thing in the sense that the top FAs are going to want to play for us so we'll always have a stream of quality players. 1 year hires coming for a shot at the big game...of course that could also bite us in the a$$...I think what we really need is a solid group that gels well together as well as some consistency. I just hope that our management sees consistency is more important than a flashy hire. B.O. and Ochostinko are not quality players, if they were they would have done something in Cincy and wouldnt be getting bitch slapped by Revis everytime they faced him. Resign Edwards and Holmes cause they proved to be great weapons especially with Cotch in the back pocket. I think with an extra year with Sanchez this receiving corps is going to be nasty. But Defense is another story. I think its a lot easier to just plug in players on D....

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