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First Jets Game.. Ever.. 2012 Season Opener

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Right, Ive been a regular visitor to this site now for quite some time but rarely post. Ive been looking to get my first game under my belt.. Well its finally happening and soon..

I'm a Hong Kong Based Jet (I used to be based in Manchester, UK) and I'm flying in the week of the game. A friend of mine from the UK and a US based Brit will be meeting me at Newark the week of the game.

Bills - Jets is the game, I'm really keen to get the whole match day experience, beers, tailgate, match the lot... It would be good to meet up with any Jets fans that day for beers. We are looking into tickets now / flights hotels are booked.

Probably look to take in a Mets games that week and also take in the USC Syracuse game the day before.

Any suggestions or invitations would be great as would any advise in the best way to get tickets sorted. Ill be in NY until the following week..

Any advise / invites in general would be massively appreciated.



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Hey Rich -- awesome news! You definitely need to come by the tailgate that a bunch of us with the site go to (Tailgate Joe).

As far as tickets, I haven't looked at prices, but here is our ticket partner's site for that game: http://tiqiq.us/DTC

They pull up seats from just about every source. You might want to start a thread in our ticket forum as well in case anyone has extras for that game! Thanks and go Jets.

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Solid advice, Tailgate Joe looks the nuts.. Will definitely swing by before hand. Will post something on the tickets page. See if anyone can do us a turn...

Looking forward (although a bit apprehensive) about the coming season.. I cant wait for my first trip to New York

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