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ESPN NY 98.7 FM Parcells & Namath


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ESPN New York 98.7FM (WEPN-FM) has added legendary NFL Coach Bill Parcells to its weekly talent roster. The two-time Super Bowl Champion can be heard Thursdays at 4:00p.m. onThe Michael Kay Show (M-F, 3-7PM) beginning September 6th.

This season Jets Legend Joe Namath will expand his role as a regular contributor to ESPN New York with a one hour weekly feature, The Joe Namath Report, within The Michael Kay Show every Monday beginning Sept. 10th at 6 p.m.

Who's going to be tuning in ?

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I will be. I love listening to The Michael Kay Show (except when Kay's talking about the Yankees). But Kay and LaGreca usually do a good job. Of all the sports radio I listen to, they're my favorite.

I agree! LaGreca is always pretty good. Even Ryan Rucco and Stephen A Smith show is decent although I get tired of Stephen A. LaGreca and Rucco are very fair analysts even tho they are both die hard Giant fans.

I like Michael Kay too but I'll.never forget 2 years ago where he literally gave the Jets "no chance", not even a tiny bit, of beating the Pats in the playoffs and never heard him say he was wrong.

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