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Goose on Rex-


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Funny excerpt-


And here's Goose on Rex Ryan:

So we open with Pittsburgh at old Three Rivers Stadium, which is just a sh*thole with that old, hard Astroturf surface. It's a 1 p.m. game, so it's still pretty hot, but Rex has been telling me all week, "Look, I just need you for like 16 plays." I'm figuring I'll play on first down the whole game, we'll get up on them, and I can rest in the second half. Well, the first quarter ends, and I'm already at like 14 or 15 plays. I look over at Rex and give him that look like,
When am I coming out?
He screams back at me, "I meant 16 plays a quarter."

That a$$hole. You have to love Rex. What a great coach. To this day, I still think that the Ravens should have hired him to be their next head coach. I even told that to Steve Bisciotti, the Baltimore owner, when they hired John Harbaugh. Nothing against Harbaugh, but here was a team that won on defense and had a defensive guy who was great with the players. What else did you need? Bisciotti said, "Rex is a little too close to the guys." Too close? That's the point: you want a coach the players believe in, someone they trust and want to go to war for.

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