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  1. I remember that day. Unless you crashed his tailgate more than once.
  2. I agree, green socks would look much better but jersey and pants look good.
  3. A big kick in the sack would be if the Jets did win all 5 but the Bills don't implode....That would be typical Jet fan torcher
  4. You should probably reread the Stop Fighting thread before you pi$$ all over Max's Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. (He really likes mashed potatoes)
  5. In the words of Dandy Don Meredith "Turn out the lights, the party is over". They need some new talent, if the game does not put you to sleep to commentators do.
  6. When the Jets finally win I am too busy celebrating to notice that they did not show post game locker room celebrations.
  7. I think Shane was seven or eight years old the first time I tailgated with him. Seems like yesterday. I have always admired both yours and his dedication not only to the games but to each other making the time to spend the days, nights and weekends together.
  8. And the Chiefs are on a downward spiral right now. This is the perfect time to go on a roll!
  9. This is not going to happen but lets say it does. Where do you suggest they play their home games? What options are out there?
  10. How much do ya think spleen insurance costs? Go J E T S !!!!!
  11. If Sam goes down again and he comes in does it really matter? Embrace the suck and we can start to discuss how to spend the hi draft pick in the spring.

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