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  1. Anyone going to the game on Sunday - Roll Call

    I am only going if my buddy gets his RV fixed and will have a warm place for me to tailgate.
  2. Too many penalty flags. Every other play the game stops for a stupid penalty.
  3. Jets \ Falcons Tickets as low as $14

    Sign me up for some that!
  4. Anyone Notice a Trend

    Pulling the foot off the gas and playing not to lose any time we get a 14 point lead
  5. Powell to return for Fins game

    If there are any pictures of you actually wearing the Jets cheerleader outfit please do not share them.
  6. Oh my gosh no! I am in the posting basement and plan on staying there.
  7. Jets built to move the ball on Pats

    The Jets should switch to Petty that will throw his game plan out of wack
  8. Do you think he tanked stand up gigs to get better gigs?
  9. Good news for the tank crowd

    I was in Buffalo week one and bet on the Jets, they didn't even cover
  10. Breer: The 2018 Veteran QB Market

    This just reminds me of Lou Brown.... I don't know, I got a guy on the other line about some white walls
  11. We would have lost if Forte was playing

    While we are at it how about a hypothetical kicker discussion too? Does Ross Martin miss the FG at the end of the half?
  12. Game Observations (JAX)

    That would be a great thing for us. Hopefully Petty gets his shot soon.
  13. Game Observations (JAX)

    In this type of scenario I would be ok with the move. I love the kid. We would still need a qb from someplace and a monster running game will help a young qb develop.
  14. Game Observations (JAX)

    This place would come onglued if the Jets did that.
  15. Jets \ Jaguars Tickets

    That sun was brutal, the first half sitting in it was all I could take. We moved at half time.