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  1. How much do ya think spleen insurance costs? Go J E T S !!!!!
  2. If Sam goes down again and he comes in does it really matter? Embrace the suck and we can start to discuss how to spend the hi draft pick in the spring.
  3. The O needs to step up and score some points obviously but for a Jet win the D will need to score a TD as well. Just making turnovers and giving the ball back to the O won't be enough.
  4. I don't remember any Pats fans before Tom Brady.
  5. If only there was a plane or something you could rent with a message to the Johnson brothers flying on a banner behind it. Fly it over the stadium during the pregame and game... that would teach them.
  6. I went out to buy a Falk jersey yesterday couldn't find one any where. Must be a hot seller.
  7. Admitting you have a problem is the first and hardest step.
  8. Yes because if he stinks it up it is probably at least partly because of the current O line situation and no other Qb can do anything behind this type of O line so drafting another top Qb keeps us where we are right now.
  9. O line or trade back for more picks to get more O line, O line, O line, O line, O line, O line. No Qb is doing anything till we bolster our O line.
  10. My hope is they use the time off to get Harrison and Edoga reps and try them against the Eagles. They looked decent in preseason and can't be worse than what's being played now. Maybe even provide a little spark.
  11. Moves made this off season that were not popular because of timing but needed to be made. I don't think Woody would have ever had the balls to fires Mac after the draft and before camp. To me a sign of better leadership.
  12. The ownership itself isn't changing but I think CJ is in charge now and going forward he will be better than Woody. He might make a few mistakes learning on the fly but will be much better.
  13. I think the Chiefs will score a lot of points but their defense will lose them close games
  14. There are seven teams 3-0 Rams, 49er's, Packers, Bills, Patriots, Chiefs, Cowboys. Who is for real and who is playing over their heads? There are five teams 0-3 Steelers, Jets, Dolphins, Broncos, Bengals. Can any of them turn it around and pull off a playoff spot? I am surprised with Buffalo but don't think they can hold it together for the whole season. The 0-3 teams I think it's a long season for all of them but do believe the Jets get better as key players start coming back into the lineup.

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