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  1. Just because the Raiders are paying him that does not mean that is what he is worth. I know what I paid for my season tickets this year and don't think they were worth it.
  2. another qb, andy dalton?

    No please
  3. What postions do Jets draft in Rd 1 and Rd 2

    Hopefully only because they picked up a Qb in FA. If not it has to be a Qb in rd 1
  4. Jets need new Team Motto, what would you take?

    Disgusted and loathe Woody you most definitely are a real Jet fan!
  5. Jets need new Team Motto, what would you take?

    We just want to kiss you
  6. Jets need new Team Motto, what would you take?

    Defense wins championships (15 years ago)
  7. Just think about all the money Hack is saving the organization in dry cleaning
  8. Bryce Petty support group thread

    Who plays Qb when Hack gets hurt?
  9. Playoff team next year?

  10. Revis Fan Reaction

    He will pull a hammy if he plays just like the year he no showed camp
  11. Anyone going to the game on Sunday - Roll Call

    I am only going if my buddy gets his RV fixed and will have a warm place for me to tailgate.
  12. Too many penalty flags. Every other play the game stops for a stupid penalty.
  13. Jets \ Falcons Tickets as low as $14

    Sign me up for some that!
  14. Anyone Notice a Trend

    Pulling the foot off the gas and playing not to lose any time we get a 14 point lead
  15. Powell to return for Fins game

    If there are any pictures of you actually wearing the Jets cheerleader outfit please do not share them.