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  1. Everyone seems to be loving the draft JD has had with the Jets but back in Philly without him Howie Roseman didn't seem to do as well.
  2. JD probably did it. He did everything else last night!
  3. He definitely seems to have a plan. We can only hope he knows what he is doing!
  4. Who cares, get this O line re-tooled and some Wr's and start winning games. That will change the conversation and the perception. If the Jets win and make the playoffs I don't care what the rest of the league thinks about the Jets Qb.
  5. I would take that. Then either re-sign Robbie or another FA receiver and draft one in the deep wr class.
  6. Not only afford to but NEED to double dip at these two positions.
  7. The last game at Giant stadium was definitely the coldest game I ever attended!
  8. At least allow Cooter to help develop Sam. Without Sam showing signs of growth nothing else matters. (except drafting OL, OL, OL)
  9. Someone mentioned this in another thread and think it is a half decent idea. Get Jim Bob Cooter more involved with the Qb, the play calls and design. He did fairly well with Stafford in Detroit. Has to be better then some of the un imaginative offense we saw this year. I understand the O line was terrible but this is the NFL.

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