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A great day in all


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Well today was a great day.

Hung out with the De-Jeterates, Maxman, GangGreenGirl & Jet Moses tailgating for a few hours eating the best ribs I've had that I can remember.

Then after all that, Jet Moses and I went in and just watched the game in Section 124, then met up with my friend in 125 and moved down to the first row.

Of course the Jets won, 30-26, and it was a pretty awesome game. 3 INT game by my boy Ty Law. 10 INT's on the year, his career best. (Take that TX). Too bad he'll be back in New England next year, but he has played well all season.

Again, De-Jeterates-Max-GGG-JM thanks for the good time today.


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