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Any Gamers here?

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I used to play driving sims back in the day and I am currently considering investing a little money in building a new gaming rig and then getting back into Iracing

Tried getting an AMD Ryzen 5900x today (the worldwide release date) but it was sold out online pretty much immediately and the local Microcenter already had a line Juuuuuussst a little bit too long for me to snag one this morning).  Bastids are already hawking the confirmed preorder for $300 over the top on eBay.  It may be a while before supply and demand balance out here.

Any gamers here?

Console or PC?  Which games and any suggestions for my PC build would be great.

I am assuming around $400 for a mid range x570 MB and will probably spring around $700 for the new NAVI graphics cards once those become available.

Will need a big screen free sync monitor but I have not researched that too much as of now.

Any case suggestions?

Liquid cooling or fans?

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