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"All Brakes No Gas" - Denver Fans chanting this have it right...


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I looked forward to Sundays this year. I thought New HC, New QB, New OC, NEW DC, would result in more excitement and hope. All Gas and No Brakes sounds great. 

0-3 and I am seeing the same sh*t. Its All Brakes and No Gas as the Denver Fans chanted yesterday.

O-Line can't block for sh*t. Greg Van Roten is the worst O-lineman that I have seen in a long time. 

O playcalling is stale. 

Why the F is Mims on the sideline? We have NO WRs who can stretch the field. Mims can do that, put him out there and have him run a go route and bombs away. Something needs to happen. Cole and Berrios cannot be the answer instead of Mims. 

I feel bad for Zach Wilson, he is getting destroyed because we went cheap on O-line. 

Damn feels like this is Deja Vu, i have not seen any improvements over last year. 


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What do these coaches expect just take away Davis and it’s game over. It’s funny all the hype Moore was getting and these WR’s can’t catch sh*t looks like 12 year olds out there. 
What the most important skill a wideout can exhibit ????

Catching the damn ball ... learned that in 3rd grade.

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