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How good will our draft picks actually be?

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13 hours ago, Rhg1084 said:

Ok so let’s go on a pick by pick basis here and project:

Sauce - I’ve seen some people say he’s the next Revis which let’s hold on with that comparison for a bit! Revis is one of the best of all time. What type of comp could he realistically be? Jalen Ramsey? 

Garret Wilson - I’ve seen the Calvin Ridley comp with him. Which if he puts up Calvin Ridley numbers meaning he’d be a top 10 WR in the league. Is top a top 10 WR too lofty of a projection?

Jermaine Johnson - honestly I have no idea what to expect from him or what type of comp he gets. Ill be happy as long as he gets maybe like 5-6 sacks. Could he possibly explode and be like a 15 sack type of guy?

Breece Hall - honestly the more I research this guy I think he could be one of the best backs in the league. He looks dynamic and wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a top 5 back by next year

Hall of Fame.  First ballot for all of them except Max Mitchell.  He has to wait a couple years but it's just anti-Jets media bias.

Next question.

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