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Who is playing LT against Pittsburgh?


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The Jets coaches have to figure out a way to mask their weakness at LT for this week and probably next. Contrary to popular belief, one way of doing this would be to establish the run to the left early on in the game. 

When running the ball left, the QB turns and extends the ball to his right, takes a 180 turn and rolls right. If you run the ball enough times to the left, you'll catch the defense biting on this play-action. If the Jets establish this, it will force the Steelers to make a decision: continue overloading the left side (leaving the defense susceptible to play-action) or playing with a more balance front in effort to avoid getting beat by play-action. We can withstand bad left tackle play if the offense is providing help that way and isn't overwhelmed by the rush, but if the Jets constantly face heavy fronts on the left side without a counter, they'll be dead in the water. 

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