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NFL Power Rankings


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NFL Power Rankings

Week Ten


  1. Philadelphia Eagles 8-0 (Last Week: 1) Maybe the quietest 8-0 team in history, the Eagles should be heavy favorites in their next three and should have a strangle hold on the division by week 12.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs 6-2 (Last Week: 3) The Chiefs like to play with fire, but victory never seems to be out of reach for them. Mahomes is back at the top of the MVP conversation.
  3. Buffalo Bills 6-2 (Last Week: 2) The Bills loss to the Jets is of less concern than Josh Allen’s elbow. This is a starkly different team with Allen out of the lineup.
  4. Minnesota Vikings 7-1 (Last Week: 4) The Vikings got a hard-fought road win Sunday. Minnesota is for real and well on their way to be the first team to clinch its division.
  5. Dallas Cowboys 6-2 (Last Week: 5) Now two behind in the division, the Cowboys should not overlook a desperate Packers team this week. It’s a concern given the Cowboys schedule includes the Giants and Vikings after Sunday’s road trip.
  6. Baltimore Ravens 6-3 (Last week: 7) One of the league’s most inconsistent teams to start the season, Baltimore now has won three straight. With the Panthers and Jags up next, the Ravens should move to 8-3 and have the clear lead in the AFC North by Thanksgiving.
  7. Miami Dolphins 6-3 (Last Week: 8) The Dolphins offense is the stuff of nightmares for defensive coordinators.
  8. San Francisco 49ers 4-4 (Last Week: 9) Christian McCaffrey will have more of the offense mastered over the bye week. The enigmatic Niners need his skills to finally start playing to their considerable potential.
  9. Seattle Seahawks 6-3 (Last Week: 10) The Seahawks have won four in a row and sit on top of the NFC West. Geno Smith’s resurgence has him in the lead for comeback player of the year honors.
  10. Tennessee Titans 5-3 (Last Week: 6) The Titans blew the lead and a chance to win their sixth straight Sunday night. A win in Kansas City would have been the quality win against a top-tier opponent the Titans lack on their resume.
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14 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

Jets should be in the Top 10. 49ers? Seriously?


12 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

Every other publication giving us more props than the board itself lol

I was shocked by this myself. But we don't censor writers. Even when we want to lol.

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