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Jets’ coach Robert Saleh has a new favorite pizza joint — and it’s a N.J. icon

Even with quarterback Aaron Rodgers sidelined with a surgically repaired Achilles’ tendon, the Jets have been nobody’s patsies this season — just ask the Philadelphia Eagles, who were unbeaten until they ran into head coach Robert Saleh’s defense.

But it turns out that when Saleh goes looking for great pizza, he wants patsies — Patsy’s Tavern, that is, in Paterson. With the Jets on a bye this past week, Saleh stopped in to grab a plain pie — for the second time.

Patsy’s Tavern and Restaurant in Paterson has been serving pizza lovers for 92 years and is now thriving with owners Steve Barbarulo, the grandson of “Patsy,” and Steve’s wife, Jill, who provided the play-by-play on the Jets coach’s attempt at an anonymous grab-and-go:

“He came in and ordered a plain pie to go. He heard of us from the Dave Portnoy review and figured he would stop in. I took a while before I said ... ‘You look like the coach of the N.Y. Jets.’ He didn’t confirm with me until customers walked in and recognized him.

“I ran and got my husband, Steve, to get a picture taken. Steve is a diehard Jets fan all his life, so this made his night. [Saleh] obviously liked [the pizza] since he came back again at lunch time last week for another plain pie. Steve had a great conversation with Coach Saleh about their big win against Philly. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy.”

Look, we know Saleh reads NJ.com’s Jets coverage because he admits he keeps receipts whenever we’re critical. Then again, maybe last September, when he said, “I can’t wait to shove it down everybody’s throat,” he was talking about Patsy’s pizza.

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