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the annual Recruiting thread: Join my league(s)

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OK Jets fantasy fans...

I'll be managing my usual two 12-team Keeper leagues plus one redraft.

All on Yahoo, which is far from perfect but has the fewest flaws we've decided after using many different platforms through the years.

Looking for one replacement (so far) in a keeper league and always looking to fill a 12-team redraft.

Keeper league has been around for 20+ years.  

In addition to your traditional offense starting rosters, the leagues also require 5 IDPs: (1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB, 2 flex.)  Don't be afraid of IDPs if you've never used them.  So easy to play and always plenty available when needed unlike RBs and TEs.   In fact, the GM leaving the Keeper league wanted a far more complex/intricate IDP design.  Everyone else wants to keep IDPs simple. 

Keeper league entry is $225 and payouts go to top 4 + one consolation prize among the remaining 8.  Redraft is usually around $100-$125.

reg season and playoff format is the same in both leagues..  here are some of our bylaws and payouts for the Keeper league. (Redraft payouts will match up with its entry fee as well)

  • 1st & Goal Championship Playoffs and Consolation Sweeps Contest are held during NFL Weeks 15, 16 and 17. 

  • Playoff Seeding - At the end of Week 14, the two teams with the best W-L records qualify as seeds 1 & 2, and earn a Week 15 bye.  The two teams with the 3rd & 4th best W-L records qualify as seeds 3 & 4. The two remaining teams with the greatest number of total points will qualify as wildcards for seeds 5 & 6.  

  • Ties - If two or more teams have the same W-L record at the end of Week 14, then total points will be used as a tiebreaker.  If two teams have the same total points, then their HTH points will be used as the next tie breaker followed by a coin flip.  **Playoff tiebreakers TBD before the start of the season, depending on host site’s playoff tiebreaker rules.

  • Week 15 - Seeds 1 & 2 on byes. Quarterfinals: Seeds 3 & 4 face seeds 6 & 5, respectively. Winners move on to semifinals.  Losers join Consolation Contest and continue accruing points through Week 17.  

  • Week 16 - Championship semifinals:  If the host site allows, Seed 1 will choose its opponent for week 16 from the two week 15 winners.  Seed 2 will face the other week 15 winner. 

  • Week 17 - Championship final: The two semifinals winners play each other for the Championship. The two semifinals losers play each other for 3rd place.

  • Consolation “Sweeps”  Contest - The 8 teams who do not make it to the Championship Semifinals will participate in the Total-Points Consolation Contest during weeks 15, 16 and 17. Each team begins with its average weekly points (season total ÷ 14) + weeks 15, 16 and 17 totals. 

1st & Goal entry fee is $225. Total prize pool: $2,700

  • $1000 - Champion
    $  700 - 2nd place 
    $  500 - 3rd place 
    $  350 - 4th place  
    $  150 - Consolation Sweeps Contest Winner


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