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Williams may rush to top of draft lists

N.C. State defensive end could shake up entire draft if selected No. 1 by Texans


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NFL scouts are drooling over Mario Williams, and so are defensive coordinators.

Quarterbacks? They're not so thrilled about what his presence means for them.

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The North Carolina State defensive end has been compared to Carolina's Julius Peppers and former Titan and current Philadelphia Eagle Jevon Kearse, two of the NFL's most athletic defensive ends.

"I haven't seen a guy like this in years,'' Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said of Williams, who stands 6-feet-7, weighs 295 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds. "I've seen solid players, impact players, but nobody that has a potential to impact a defense like him.''

His impact could be felt before he plays a snap in the NFL.

Williams, rated by most experts as the top defensive player in the draft, could change the complexion of the Top 10 on April 29. If a team decides to bite on him early

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Yeah, a friend of mine in Texas, big Texans fan believes now that they just might take Williams at 1. Would N.O. take Bush then? This is about the most unpredictable draft that I can recall.

I know it'd be a terrible move for the team as we need to stockpile...but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be hoping in the back of my mind that we swap with New Orleans in that situation and grabbed Bush.

I don't think it'll matter though,as I'm thoroughly convinced that Williams to the Texans is a smokescreen.

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