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Winners and Losers of the Draft

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So now that the entire draft is over...i think we should say the winners and losers of the draft.


Cleveland Browns - between Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn they have the potential to turn their franchise around. Then again, they're the Brownies and are known for blowing 1st rd picks.

New England Patriots - okay, so maybe they didn't have a great draft itself but getting Randy Moss addressed a huge hole and now are an almost lock for the AFC East....sorry Jets fans


Miami Dolphins - Teddy Ginn Jr.? Then picking up a QB in the 2nd rd who was on the fringe of a day 2 guy? Great news for the Bills, Jets and Pats bc it looks like Culpepper is their main guy again and nobody knows where his knee is when talking about his rehab.

Brady Quinn - now his story was the best story of the draft. While watching the draft we drank for every team that didn't get drafted....so by 22 me and my buddies were in trouble. Plus, he lost his gf and millions of dollars. You say Matt Leinart free-fell last year, Jeez. Plus he's playing for the Brownies....which could be a very good thing with Edwards + Winslow, but then again he's a Brown. Brady Quinn is gonna suffer from David Carr syndrome for the next 2 years.

What's everybody's input and their winner/losers of the 07 draft

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