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Winning free tickets...? hmm


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You know those drawings at malls for the free car/vacation? I apparently won a vaction, 4 tickets to blah blah blah. It has to be the skeptic in me, but i asked all the right questions (so i think), like do i owe anyone any money, or do i just pick the tickets up? Is there a contingent that i have to buy anything at all? do i owe you anything?

she said no, no and no. Then she verified my income (have to be over 40k), i only make 30 at my job, but 45 on the year including a rental property. Is that not a strange question to verify though? I was talking to a friend, he said these things can be geered to get you down there, then they try to sell ch!t to you the whole time.

Assuming it is legit, would you go? (not i'm not asking any of you to go with me, NO touchie)

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Sounds like a time-share sales deal. They get you there and bombard you with sales pitches. I'd pass.

Yeah, i've heard that term Time Share. Do they just sit you down and sell you all day? would it help if i explained to them i am a cheap bastard and barely buy enough food to sustain myself?

If they do just try to sell you all day, i could spend my entire day drunk as hell, that could get them disinterested.

If it is as bad as you say, i might have to pass...that sucks.

ghost, what she said on the phone was honalulu, cancoon, among others. i didn't go to far in detail on this, since i was preoccupied with the rest of the crap.

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