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Buffalo Rumblings re Jets and our TE position

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Buffalo Rumblings: What does the Jets' situation at tight end look like? Chad Pennington has always seemed like a quarterback that would benefit from a really good tight end; is there finally a player on the Jets' roster that can fulfill that role for him?

Jetfighter, NY Landing Strip: "That is a great question. I have said all along that Chris Baker is the TE that Pennington needs to open the middle of the field, yet he never gets nearly enough catches to warrant that. Chris Baker is extremely athletic and can catch the ball, but has trouble blocking, so Sean Ryan is the blocking TE.

Baker did have a career high 31 grabs for 300 yards and 4 TDs. He had 2 catches of over 20 yards and 18 first downs. What does that mean? Pennington I feel can't throw that laser into the middle of the field without it getting picked off. Baker's best game of his career was when Pennington wasn't QB against Kansas City when he had 7 grabs for 124 and 1 TD in 2005. I think that Baker's number of catches and yards will go up this season with a more even breakdown of throws to Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery, and a running game that will open the middle for Baker the Touchdown Maker. But don't get it twisted - Baker is the best TE on the Jets roster as of now."

I have long thought the Jets were a bit dim for not utilizing their tight ends more. I guess I just figured that any QB with a noodle arm would throw to the guy closer to them - and that's Baker. But as Jetfighter alluded to, Baker doesn't get enough looks his way. I think it's a Jet problem as compared to a TE problem - Anthony Becht was a first-round pick and busted in New York, as did Kyle Brady. It's just a bad place to play tight end - and "Baker the Touchdown Maker" doesn't intimidate me at all, even with the Bills' defense as questionable as it is.

One more installment of this Friday's edition of "Around the AFC East" to go. This will be a special installment, so be sure to tune back in later this morning.

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