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First Madden 08 review (xbox360)


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yo vin

im gonna get it this week

we can have battles again

you almost always won but ill give you a game

I will have it Tuesday night or Wednesday night. I don't know if I'll be any good on the xbox though. YOu will most likely beat me.

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After reading the reviews on 1up.com, I will be getting this game on xbox360 for sure. The three reviews I have seen all give the xbox360 a better rating than the ps3 so it looks like another year with my xbox360 and this BS controller. I'll just have to try and master it. I'm putting in my pre order Monday and I'll have the game tuesday night....see you on the field!!

Bitonti, and whoever else has an xbox360 send me friends invites. Name is Italianice or Italianicee ...I forget if I put a second E on it. I have an atari symbol I think as my icon.

PS. After reading alot of the features they've added, I am more excited about this years madden since 05, it looks very promising.

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