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Herm Edwards = Radio


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So I'm watching the Jets training camp special on NFL Network a few hours ago and they have our Head Coach Herm Edwards miked up during the stretching exercises

Herm (Hermy voice):

"Cmon now fellas smile. Its a good day. Good day to play football. Gotta love football - gotta love it. Lets get it going now, cmon now. Alright"

Herm rallying the guys with his enthusiasm trying to pep them up for the day reminded me of a character from a movie, a real person, but played in the movie by Cuba Gooding Jr........Radio.

If you've ever seen the movie Radio you'd know that his enthusiasm for football and the way he talks (LOL) is just like the head coach of the NY Jets. The way he talks to the players and gets them riled up to play. Its almost Herm-like.

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