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Jets | Edwards Focused on Team, Not Law


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Jets | Edwards Focused on Team, Not Law

Wed, 3 Aug 2005 19:03:15 -0700

Updating ongoing reports, according to NewYorkJets.com, New York Jets head coach Herman Edwards has confirmed representatives for free agent CB Ty Law were expected to meet with Jets' officials Wednesday, Aug. 3. "My understanding is that they're meeting," Edwards said. "Obviously it's not him so it must be his representation. You guys know better than me, you guys get the story before we do ... The great thing about me is I'm not involved in it. I don't want to know, I have to coach the football team, and that's what's great ... If (Law) arrives obviously I think I'll get a chance to talk to him," Edwards continued. "Other than that, I have about 85 guys that I have to go coach, and that's all that I worry about. I don't worry about stuff that I don't control, and I don't control any of that. I control practice, and I didn't do a good enough job coaching today and that's on me. I have to do a better job tomorrow."

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