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I'm Sick of This Guy!!!

Old Rogue

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Same old noodle-arm Favre. ;) 10 and 15 yard dink and dunk. Sam old plays (even the touchdown) that Pennington played for 6 years. Get rid of him! Make Clemens the starter already!


If there is any Cosmic Justice, Brett Ratliff is the backup from now on, and the future of the Jets. Of course, only after Favre retires, comes back, then retires again, again. Both Bretts sure were fun to watch, weren't they? Ratliff has arm, touch, smarts, command, and - biggest surprise for me - a receiving corps with some depth.

Yeah, I know. It was only the 2nd Preseason game, but I am ready to declare the the Jets D has both breadth and depth. Jets were stepping up tonight on both sides of the ball.. Holy Crap! We got some PLAYERS! Cotch was gold tonight, and I remember the talented Marcus Henry from Kansas games, but Paul Raymond? Who? What? He's a Player, that's what.

Last, and certainly not least, Neon Leon may have a soul-mate in Jesse Chatman. That dood got game.

OK, you can pick me apart now.

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