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Questions for Jets Beat Reporter Erik Boland on my Radio Show Tonight?


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As everybody knows by now, I co-host a 100% commercial-free, no one makes a dime from it, Sports Talk radio show on Long Island.

Tonight, at 9PM on Long Island's 90.3FM, we're going to be joined again by Newsday's Jets beat writer Erik Boland--this time, for a Jets Season Preview.

Like always, please post any questions that you might have, and we'll ask them. Since we're commercial-free, we can really delve into the stuff that you want to know about. My co-host will be conducting the interview, so I'll make sure that he gets all of your questions.

While we're not yet webcast, I'll get the audio to http://hosted.filefront.com/patchyfogg

as soon as humanly possible.


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