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Heres a blurb I saw on ESPN by Scouts Inc with regards to the Jets Oline. Personally I buy into it. We obviously are a formiable run team now. But even during this big winning streak, at times, you can tell this isnt a great pass protecting Oline (which is somewhat disturbing). Sacks allowed aside, it always seems the pocket is collapsing on Farve. Thoughts??

""The Jets' offensive line is finally meshing up front and becoming formidable -- but only in the run game. It was apparent that New York didn't trust its pass-blockers to hold up long enough to use many seven-step drops or really stretch the field. Obviously, QB Brett Favre is an accomplished deep passer, but his front line is far better coming off the ball and going forward than retreating in pass protection, and that limits what this passing game can do. This was especially worrisome because the Patriots were missing OLB Adalius Thomas and DE Ty Warren.""

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